No conversation with fake news people

Yesterday I met a nice man from Austria.  I was visiting a friend here in Thailand and she introduced me to him. I don’t like to talk politics with people from other countries.  Here in Thailand it is just best not to talk Thai politics period especially if you are not Thai.  

I have been worn out talking with friends on Facebook about the election. Also deeply stressed about the direction trump will take us.  Like when we meet a new person here in Thailand as an American,  usual the first topic is where are you from.  But as soon as we got past our names,  country he wanted to know what I thought about trump. That is not unusual as lot of countries worried,  puzzled by what he will do. As a compulsive liar it is, hard to know what trump will do. 

He started right off with saying Hillary Clinton had started many wars!  I guess by my puzzled look,  he explained that he did not see this from mainstream media but thru Facebook and social media.  He is getting his news information from fake news! She has never been in a position to start a war. Only the president can go to war. 

The man was 60? I would think educated with some money based on his travels.  Ignorance conspiracy is world wide! 

I excused myself from the conversation for 2 reasons. One I am tired of politics and most importantly. 

Refuse to converse with a grown person that gets their information from fake news. I know some mainstream media may have a bias right or left,  but if you search around little can find the truth of accurate reporting! 

To learn more about fake news.  

Fake news websites are websites that publish hoaxespropaganda, and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by social media. They are distinguished from news satire, because they mislead and profit from readers believing the stories to be true. Fake news websites have promoted misleading or factually incorrect information concerning the politics of several countries, including GermanyIndonesia, the PhilippinesSwedenChinaMyanmar, and the United States. Many of the false news websites are hosted in RussiaMacedoniaRomania, and the U.S.

Above from Wikipedia 

…….. warning of the Russian government using: “pseudo-news agencies” and “internet trolls” as forms of propaganda and disinformation in an attempt to weaken democratic values.

Individuals that are disregarding their duty to their country, community and family are more than simply guilty of ignorance but are also guilty of negligence. This should not be confused with lack of knowledge.


Christians the poor and refugees a reminder 

I believe most religions tell us to have compassion and to help the poor especially the children.  Christian faith we are certainly told to do so.  

I have had many conversations in social media with my Christian American friends about welfare for the poor.  I often see belittling of the poor.  Example,  they should be drug tested.  Much of this is brought on by ignorance thru false news posted on Facebook. Florida was the first state to implement drug testing for welfare/food stamps. Turns out the cost on the program cost the tax payers more than it saved. Turns out the poor use less drugs than the general public.  But for me the bigger issue is in Christ message we don’t hear of excuses for not helping the poor. 


The reason I hear for turning our back on refugees is usual fear and again ignorance.  Fear of them being terrorists and ignorance of the vetting process. But again as a Christian we are told not to be afraid and to do what is right. 

Staying in Touch by jackie

My youngest sister called me on her way to pick up her daughter from college for the Thanksgiving holiday.  She was happy and sad.  Happy to to see her daughter and have her home for the holiday.  Sad because many younger relatives don’t really make an effort to stay in touch.  

I don’t know if my family is typical of the younger generation not keeping in touch with the older generation.  My grandparents and parents did a good job even though then required more effort.  I certainly grew up with lot of family just not at the holidays but on weekends and vacations.  Birthdays, illness and just talking. 

 As we get older we notice it more because the grandparents, parents, uncles,  and aunts have gone on.  We are the ones left. 

What I find is with the Internet,  social media,  the almost free phone calls even international.  Video calls.  Many different platforms, Facebook, Instagram, messenger, link,  Skype. Etc. Some of us use Facebook more than say Instagram for sharing photos. Maybe we just not all on the same page! 

So if you are the younger generation, don’t forget us older folks and tell us what you use so we can stay in touch.  It is part of the human experience! 

Every grain counts..

food for thought

This struck my mind in my office at lunch, for a bowl of rice or a roti (unleavened whole meal bread) to reach our tables begins with the sweat and toil of the farmer in the farms, the labourers, the traders and the skill of the chef (often our mother) in the kitchen. The art, mastery & dexterity involved in the ploughing of land, sowing of seeds, nurturing the crops & harvest and that involved in the kitchen to mix the most humble of ingredients to create something ingenious & delicious is beyond compare.

Yet, when born in prosperity, we often misjudge the importance of food in our daily lives. We leave plates full of food in the trash once we are done, without the slightest idea of how important every grain of food is in the lives of those less-fortunate.

Words aside, for a live example visit the Madina…

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Last hospital Alleppo bomb by Russia. Silence from Christians by jackie

Russian planes have destroyed the last hospital in Aleppo.  I am American why should I care? 

These photos from the PBS News Hour 

Why I care is because my faith demands that I care and speak up and not sit silent. 

My faith says love your neighbor as yourself

My faith say we are all God creatures

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 

From the Guardian News

The wounded are dying, a patient whose stomach is open in the operations room has to be abandoned, women are leaving delivery rooms still bleeding because the hospitals are getting attacked, babies are dying because oxygen tanks are empty and generators aren’t working.”

Why are so many Christians silent?