Staying in Touch by jackie

My youngest sister called me on her way to pick up her daughter from college for the Thanksgiving holiday.  She was happy and sad.  Happy to to see her daughter and have her home for the holiday.  Sad because many younger relatives don’t really make an effort to stay in touch.  

I don’t know if my family is typical of the younger generation not keeping in touch with the older generation.  My grandparents and parents did a good job even though then required more effort.  I certainly grew up with lot of family just not at the holidays but on weekends and vacations.  Birthdays, illness and just talking. 

 As we get older we notice it more because the grandparents, parents, uncles,  and aunts have gone on.  We are the ones left. 

What I find is with the Internet,  social media,  the almost free phone calls even international.  Video calls.  Many different platforms, Facebook, Instagram, messenger, link,  Skype. Etc. Some of us use Facebook more than say Instagram for sharing photos. Maybe we just not all on the same page! 

So if you are the younger generation, don’t forget us older folks and tell us what you use so we can stay in touch.  It is part of the human experience! 


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