I am a fine art photographer from the USA.  A Christian,  love of nature,  believe in equality  for all people and treated fairly.  I believe in global warming and that man has caused much of it.  I am not an expert,  scientist,  or scholor,  but today if you have the desire you can escape ignorance.  

 I live in SE Asia after several years working in Iraq as a contractor for the US military so have seen the horror of war the inhumanity and the humanity. When I was a younger man backpacked many of the beautiful national parks in the US. Grew up in the Texas Gulf Coast and just in my life seen the Gulf improve thru environmental laws.  Also the seen the pollution of the refiner. . Here in Thailand the massive amount of plastic floating in the ocean. 

 I have three children,  two of them young,  seven and four so concern with the world they will live in.

I do believe life is good.  I love nature and the beauty there are great people trying to make life better and preserve our planet. Working with people of all color races religion. It is a balance between love knowledge vs ignorance fear and hate. Old as history

If you travel to SE Asia.  I have a site on SE Asia 

Life SE Asia Magazine

Jackie Littletaylor Photography 


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