Hate Fear don’t keep silent

Around the western world today many countries moving to the far right. Also ultra Nationalism and closing borders. After World War II,  the world had promoted trade across borders and worked together. 

We are coming to an end of mutual trust and fear, change in labor and unrest has lead many citizens to look for answers.  The far right prey on the fear and lack of understanding how the labor markets have changed based on mechanization and robots.  

Bigotry has become normal. Opinions based on ignorance or false news has become the same as facts or the truth.  

In the USA hate crimes or on the rise do the the recent election. The far right candidate used fear and false /lies to gain support. It worked! Used a religion to promote fear and ignorance of people about Muslim increased the fear which has lead to hate. 
Where can this hate fear bigotry ignorance lead a country?  

Germany and Hitler is an example or lesson how a great civilized country can destroy itself on hate and fear. Those that knew of Hitler evil kept silent. 

Please speak up. Don’t keep silent!