Excuses for saying silent

The last eight years have been sad, disappointment but have brought home to me the reality of silence to horror, hate, bigotry, and ignorance of many people.  I have read during the holocaust period in Germany and how could so many Christian people stay silent.  Now I see it in my own time my life. 

 I first saw it from a person that I love, a young family member with small children.  On Facebook a post about how terrible that President Obama was at a school talking to children saying he was indoctrination them.  When I commented how great it was for a president to take his time to talk to young students and what a great example of we should love our country.  In response I got from many on this post was,  Obama is a niger,  you must be a niger lover,  profanity I will not use here.  That no president has every talked to students!  When I pointed out that Bush Jr was talking to students when he was informed about 911. THE WORST PART OF THIS.  I WAS THE ONLY ONE CONDEMNING THE POST AND COMMENTS.  NOT THEIR PARENTS.  

This week

On Facebook I have a friend that is a photographer.  That is what we have in common.  Admire each other’s work.  I have also noticed he is a pastor.  What caught my eye was a post he posted from brietbart news.  Brietbart is an altright neo nazi media.  They are condemn by many as antisemitism.  They also pass on or start conspiracy fake news.  I was amazed that a Christian pastor would read or use the garbage of hate fear bigotry.  He goes on the post as saying he voted for trump but does not agree with some of his views.  Then goes on for 2 paragraphs on why he could not vote for Clinton.  95% of his negative reasons were conspiracy.  Not actual reasons.  His followers and I guess some of his, congregation all condemn me.  For replying.  He told his congregation that reason he did not respond to me was I was trying to impress them how intelligent I was.  As a Christian I love my God’s word.  Love your neighbor as yourself  to help the poor. 

As a Christian we have an obligation to speak up.  As an American adult we have the responsibility to be educated and to speak up.  Slavery in the USA would never have been abolished, women’s rights,  would never been changed if people did not speak up against hate fear ignorance.  

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” King 

As we must account for every idle word, so we must for every idle silence.


The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything ― Albert Einstein


Why admire Putin

I am sitting in Thailand listening to American music(Eagles) watching people from all over the world listening,  wearing Nike shoes using iPhone on the Internet. Using Google maps and driving cars from USA,  Germany and Japan. Many of the people at this restaurant from Russia.  Not one Russian product nothing from Russia!!! 

This is not against the Russian people, culture, art but against a 3rd rate economy and leadership from putin that has committed war crimes in Syria.  Russia under Putin has not  the freedoms of rest of Europe or has he improved the economy of Russia which is less than one state of 50 in the USA, California! Russian planes under putin have intentionally bombed hospitals in Syria.  Has help destroy Alleppo.  But when it comes to time rebuild Syria, Russia has no money for rebuilding or humanitarian aid. They have only energy which there is a glut on the world and military to destroy  that is it! 

It is not that the rest of the world admire or look up to Putin but how stupid it is, for trump or Americans admire Putin. It is not the USA needs Russian business,  it is quite the reverse.  It is not that Putin has given freedom to the people.  It is not putin that is a great humanitarian.  Quite the opposite! 

PUTIN has become close to China because Russia needs a country as an ally.  It is not that China needs Russia except for Russia energy.  The USA does not need Russia for energy or technology.  

So why does trump admire putin?  

Trust and fake news (lies) 

We hear lot today about trust or lack of it. On social media conspriracy lies,  fake news or what I think should really be called is just lying. 

I hear many people say they don’t trust mainstream media. They don’t trust government.  Very little trust today in anything! I won’t go into all reasons for the lack of trust but why I don’t accept the notion of not trusting everything. 

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

Ernest Hemingway

I will use news for example. News is how we learn about the world around us. About how a war is going,  health epidemics, politics, business, and much more. How can you be educated or informed to make a decision if you don’t read, listen to others. I will often ask a person when they say they don’t trust the mainstream media I ask where do you get your information or news.  They will tell me often from Facebook.  Really!  

I trust mainstream media news.  There are several well respected responsible news that I rely on based on years of following.  Do they sometimes get a story wrong sure but they always do a retraction.  

I use my brain and make a decision based on my experience. My judgment.  That is wisdom. Do I sometimes question.  Sure! 

But to move away from responsible news to a person or website you know nothing about except they tell you what you want to hear is wrong and will lead to making bad or stupid decisions on ignorance of the facts. 

USA just elected a compulsive liar for president  He can’t tell the truth. Why do I say that because he will lie when there are real tapes, interviews he has done that proves he is a liar. His acceptance speech for his party that lasted just an hour he lied over 70 times according to fact checkers. He has said he viewed a video about a topic. When asked to verify the video or where it could be verified he has said he was mistaken. Lies 

But who is at fault here for electing him! The people that voted for him. The responsible news media pointed out the lies. Crazy fake news (liars)  had stories about the other candidate that could not be proven. I saw many Facebook post that people believed the lies and passed them along.


 The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

Isaac Asimov

Welcome comments 

Hate Fear don’t keep silent

Around the western world today many countries moving to the far right. Also ultra Nationalism and closing borders. After World War II,  the world had promoted trade across borders and worked together. 

We are coming to an end of mutual trust and fear, change in labor and unrest has lead many citizens to look for answers.  The far right prey on the fear and lack of understanding how the labor markets have changed based on mechanization and robots.  

Bigotry has become normal. Opinions based on ignorance or false news has become the same as facts or the truth.  

In the USA hate crimes or on the rise do the the recent election. The far right candidate used fear and false /lies to gain support. It worked! Used a religion to promote fear and ignorance of people about Muslim increased the fear which has lead to hate. 
Where can this hate fear bigotry ignorance lead a country?  

Germany and Hitler is an example or lesson how a great civilized country can destroy itself on hate and fear. Those that knew of Hitler evil kept silent. 

Please speak up. Don’t keep silent! 

Top one percent perception vs reality 

I have been aware of the top 1% for since the great recession on the 2007. I wanted to know what caused it. 

 The wealth of the USA and the rest of the world concentrated to a very few is not understood by the majority of the world. It is public information but most would rather blame the poor or social programs (socialism /Liberalism) for the decline of the working class/middle class in developed countries.  That is the false information used by politicians to divert the population from the real problem of the decline.  The real problem is the wealth of nations is only going to the very few with no regard to the health of country.  Why do the politicians do this?  Because they benefit also for the laws, regulations, policies that benefit the top 1%. Most of my conversations with my friends in the USA think of the wealthy as small business owners.  That is, their perception.  That view is not based on their own personal experience because the actual top % not live or mingle with the rest of us.  

 In the 1970s, the top 1% owned about 9% of the wealth in the USA. After the great depression and WW ll,  the government laws, regulations were designed to benefit the middle class.  Today it is close to 40%. Is it healthy for so much wealth concentrated to so few for the economy.  No! Before the great depression, the top% had about 29% of the total wealth. At the beginning of the great recession it was again about 30%  today it is 40%! 

Reported in Forbes  62 individuals own half of the wealth of the world.  

But the best way to see this is below.  It is, for the USA but is, representing the world also. 

No conversation with fake news people

Yesterday I met a nice man from Austria.  I was visiting a friend here in Thailand and she introduced me to him. I don’t like to talk politics with people from other countries.  Here in Thailand it is just best not to talk Thai politics period especially if you are not Thai.  

I have been worn out talking with friends on Facebook about the election. Also deeply stressed about the direction trump will take us.  Like when we meet a new person here in Thailand as an American,  usual the first topic is where are you from.  But as soon as we got past our names,  country he wanted to know what I thought about trump. That is not unusual as lot of countries worried,  puzzled by what he will do. As a compulsive liar it is, hard to know what trump will do. 

He started right off with saying Hillary Clinton had started many wars!  I guess by my puzzled look,  he explained that he did not see this from mainstream media but thru Facebook and social media.  He is getting his news information from fake news! She has never been in a position to start a war. Only the president can go to war. 

The man was 60? I would think educated with some money based on his travels.  Ignorance conspiracy is world wide! 

I excused myself from the conversation for 2 reasons. One I am tired of politics and most importantly. 

Refuse to converse with a grown person that gets their information from fake news. I know some mainstream media may have a bias right or left,  but if you search around little can find the truth of accurate reporting! 

To learn more about fake news.  

Fake news websites are websites that publish hoaxespropaganda, and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by social media. They are distinguished from news satire, because they mislead and profit from readers believing the stories to be true. Fake news websites have promoted misleading or factually incorrect information concerning the politics of several countries, including GermanyIndonesia, the PhilippinesSwedenChinaMyanmar, and the United States. Many of the false news websites are hosted in RussiaMacedoniaRomania, and the U.S.

Above from Wikipedia 

…….. warning of the Russian government using: “pseudo-news agencies” and “internet trolls” as forms of propaganda and disinformation in an attempt to weaken democratic values.

Individuals that are disregarding their duty to their country, community and family are more than simply guilty of ignorance but are also guilty of negligence. This should not be confused with lack of knowledge.

No one left to speak for me. By jackie

:by Martin Niemoller

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis‘ rise to power and subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group. 

Today important for us to speak up just as it was in nazi Germany. 


Every arm of the country’s sophisticated bureaucracy was involved in the killing process. Parish churches and the Interior Ministry supplied birth records showing who was Jewish; the Post Office delivered the deportation and denaturalization orders; the Finance Ministry confiscated Jewish property; German firms fired Jewish workers and disenfranchised Jewish stockholders.

Good people staying silent leads to this

Today in the USA and other parts of the world fear,  ignorance ignore the plight of refugees,  illegal immigrants. Grown men scared What scared of children