Top one percent perception vs reality 

I have been aware of the top 1% for since the great recession on the 2007. I wanted to know what caused it. 

 The wealth of the USA and the rest of the world concentrated to a very few is not understood by the majority of the world. It is public information but most would rather blame the poor or social programs (socialism /Liberalism) for the decline of the working class/middle class in developed countries.  That is the false information used by politicians to divert the population from the real problem of the decline.  The real problem is the wealth of nations is only going to the very few with no regard to the health of country.  Why do the politicians do this?  Because they benefit also for the laws, regulations, policies that benefit the top 1%. Most of my conversations with my friends in the USA think of the wealthy as small business owners.  That is, their perception.  That view is not based on their own personal experience because the actual top % not live or mingle with the rest of us.  

 In the 1970s, the top 1% owned about 9% of the wealth in the USA. After the great depression and WW ll,  the government laws, regulations were designed to benefit the middle class.  Today it is close to 40%. Is it healthy for so much wealth concentrated to so few for the economy.  No! Before the great depression, the top% had about 29% of the total wealth. At the beginning of the great recession it was again about 30%  today it is 40%! 

Reported in Forbes  62 individuals own half of the wealth of the world.  

But the best way to see this is below.  It is, for the USA but is, representing the world also.