Why admire Putin

I am sitting in Thailand listening to American music(Eagles) watching people from all over the world listening,  wearing Nike shoes using iPhone on the Internet. Using Google maps and driving cars from USA,  Germany and Japan. Many of the people at this restaurant from Russia.  Not one Russian product nothing from Russia!!! 

This is not against the Russian people, culture, art but against a 3rd rate economy and leadership from putin that has committed war crimes in Syria.  Russia under Putin has not  the freedoms of rest of Europe or has he improved the economy of Russia which is less than one state of 50 in the USA, California! Russian planes under putin have intentionally bombed hospitals in Syria.  Has help destroy Alleppo.  But when it comes to time rebuild Syria, Russia has no money for rebuilding or humanitarian aid. They have only energy which there is a glut on the world and military to destroy  that is it! 

It is not that the rest of the world admire or look up to Putin but how stupid it is, for trump or Americans admire Putin. It is not the USA needs Russian business,  it is quite the reverse.  It is not that Putin has given freedom to the people.  It is not putin that is a great humanitarian.  Quite the opposite! 

PUTIN has become close to China because Russia needs a country as an ally.  It is not that China needs Russia except for Russia energy.  The USA does not need Russia for energy or technology.  

So why does trump admire putin?  


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