Christians the poor and refugees a reminder 

I believe most religions tell us to have compassion and to help the poor especially the children.  Christian faith we are certainly told to do so.  

I have had many conversations in social media with my Christian American friends about welfare for the poor.  I often see belittling of the poor.  Example,  they should be drug tested.  Much of this is brought on by ignorance thru false news posted on Facebook. Florida was the first state to implement drug testing for welfare/food stamps. Turns out the cost on the program cost the tax payers more than it saved. Turns out the poor use less drugs than the general public.  But for me the bigger issue is in Christ message we don’t hear of excuses for not helping the poor. 


The reason I hear for turning our back on refugees is usual fear and again ignorance.  Fear of them being terrorists and ignorance of the vetting process. But again as a Christian we are told not to be afraid and to do what is right.